About Photo Thinking

PHOTO THINKING is a friendly and informative blog on photography, photo processes and the wonderful and varied cameras used to create pictures.  I have created this purely out of my love of everything related to photography, but also my keen fascination on how machines that effectively aim at performing very similar functions have varied so much in history.


My name is Theo Panagopoulos, and I have had a fascination of capturing the moment for as long as I remember.  Even before I properly got into photography, in my 20s, I always captured life using automated point and shoot 35mm cameras.  When I moved to SLRs, it opened up a whole new creative world, but also pricked my interest in all sort of cameras.  I now have a collection ranging from a small 110 camera, through 35mm, medium format of all types and eventuating with a great 4×5 inch large format press camera.

Ferry ride during a rainy day 31/5/2016 ph. Andrea Francolini
Theo on a ferry ride during a rainy day (May 2016) – ph. Andrea Francolini afrancolini.com

People that know me will know that it is not necessarily only the classic cameras that I am interested in.  I have and will on occasion buy a $10 camera to just be able to try it out.  The one thing that does remain though, is that cameras in my collection must be functioning.  There is a couple of exceptions to this rule, but generally I stick to it.  I also never sell any of my cameras once collected, but do use them appropriately.


Photo Thinking is somewhere I and hopefully in the future others can contribute knowledge on reviews on photographic equipment (cameras, lenses, film etc.) and photographic processes others may benefit from.

I hope to have you on the ride!


The slow process on 4x5 - ph: Andrea Francolini afrancolini.com
The slow process on 4×5 – ph: Andrea Francolini afrancolini.com