The film photography community is a very generous group. Online there are a multitude of websites, blogs and micro blogs sharing information.

People which run, write and contribute to these are generally very willing to help, answer questions and support this great artistic outlet and hobby.

Resource List

These are some of the online resources that I follow and interact with in alphabetical order:

35mmc – Hamish Gill
A Photography blog, largely film and experience focused, with lots of cameras.
Facebook: @35mmc
Twitter: @hamishgill
Instagram: @35mmcblog

Alex Luyckx Blog – Alex Luyckx
Camera, Film, Lens, and Developer Reviews. History, Musing, and home of the Classic Camera Revival.
Facebook: @alexluyckxphoto
Instagram: @alexluyckxphoto
Twitter: @AlexLuyckxPhoto
flickr: Alex Luyckx

Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley – Alyssa Chiarello
Photography and Cameras – What More Do You Need? 
Facebook: @alyssa.c.chiarello
Instagram: @alysvintagecameraalley, @avca_bw
YouTube: Aly’s Vintage Camera Alley

Austerityphoto – Alan Duncan
Shooting Film on the cheap side of the Border in Credit Crunch Britain. Looking at the more bargain and lo-fi end of the analogue camera market.
Facebook: @Austerityphoto
Instagram: @austerityphoto

Bill Smith Photography – Bill Smith
Personal photo blog documenting mostly Southern Ontario Canada with thoughts on film and camera gear.
Twitter: @wbsmith200
Instagram: @wbsmith200

Cameragocamera – Peggy Marsh
Making good use of the things that I find. Trying film cameras I find in junk shops and through swaps.
Twitter: @cameragocamera
Instagram: @cameragocamera

Casual Photophile – James Tocchio
A camera culture website. The editorial side of the camera shop
Facebook: @casualphotophile
Twitter: @JamesAtCP
Instagram: @casual_photophile

Classic Lenses Podcast – Simon Forster, Karl Havens and Johnny Sisson
A great podcast concentrating on lenses. Very entertaining with the hosts generally disagreeing on lenses and bokeh.
Facebook: Photography with Classic Lenses Facebook Group

Down the Road – Jim Grey
A personal blog that is 75% about Jim’s hobby of film photography, full of gear reviews and photography tips. Otherwise he shares photos and stories about old cars, old buildings, and old roads, as well as from his life.
Facebook: @JimGreyDownTheRoad
Twitter: @mobilene
Instagram: @mobilene

Film photography reviews, experiments, interviews, news and culture for photographers of all ages and levels of experience.
Facebook: @emulsivefilm
Twitter: @emulsivefilm
Instagram: @emulsivefilm

Japan Camera Hunter – Bellamy Hunt
Facebook: @Japancamerahunter
Twitter: @jpncamerahunter
Instagram: @japancamerahunter

Kosmo Foto – Stephen Dowling
Camera reviews, film photography news, features and analogue photography history, plus the home of Kosmo Foto Mono, the first film from my emerging film brand.

Mike Eckman dot com – Mike Eckman
Film photography reviews with an emphasis on history and backstories. I also republish period magazine articles and other documents that I find which provide additional insight to our hobby.
Facebook: @mikeeckmandotcom

ShootFilmCo – Mike Padua
Celebrating the art, process, and gear of the film photography community with gear reviews, videos, artist interviews and ShootFilmCo brand merchandise.

TheGasHaus – Mark Faulkner
Collector’s site with a wide variety of cameras as well as found film and utilizing 3D-printing to improve or expand the film experience.