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Kodak Brownie Six-20 Model D – Beauty is box

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Box cameras are without a single doubt the longest line of a particular type of camera ever produced.  It can be argued that they ran for 140 years, possibly longer depending on how loose the interpretation is.  There is even a new one being produced now in 2018! The Kodak Brownie Six-20 Model D is considered one of the more…

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Ferrania Rondine – Little Italian Bird

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Box cameras are boxes with a lens.  Simple.  In Italy, Ferrania had other ideas and created one which just oozes style.  The Ferrania Rondine was created when workmanship was still a priority, and even tools like a camera had to have a great aesthetic to them. In the wild, this camera brings out comments from “Isn’t that so cute!!” to…

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Ensign Ful-Vue – Is it really the full view?

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  When does a box camera not look like a box camera?  When it is the Ensign Ful-Vue from 1946.  Until then most were basically a box with a lens on the front.  There were a few variants, including box cameras that had better viewing lenses and looked more like Twin Lens Reflex cameras, but still generally had a box…

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