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Rolleicord Va Type 1 – The middle twin

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In the realm of Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras, many people chase the Rolleiflex, the shining light at the top of the mountain.  This is in a landscape of TLRs of which there are more brands and types than I could possibly list.  The Rolleicord is its smaller brother.  While understandably a lower spec and not many people would argue…

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Pigeonflex – Bird of a feather

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A camera to allow your photography to take flight?  To release your creativity free as a bird? Probably enough bird puns for now.  So, was the Pigeonflex a camera to set the cat amongst the Pigeons? Ok that was one more. Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras are an interesting type of camera.  They have a history in street photography, especially…

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Agfa Jsolette 4.5 – When J is not a J

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The Agfa Isolette range of cameras have a cult following.  That includes me as I own both Isolette and Jsolette labelled cameras.  The ability to shoot medium format, especially 6×6, with a camera that is small and at a stretch pocketable, is very enticing.  Throw in the fact that they look lovely, and you can understand the popularity.  I personally…

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Ensign Ful-Vue – Is it really the full view?

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  When does a box camera not look like a box camera?  When it is the Ensign Ful-Vue from 1946.  Until then most were basically a box with a lens on the front.  There were a few variants, including box cameras that had better viewing lenses and looked more like Twin Lens Reflex cameras, but still generally had a box…

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Voigtländer Perkeo I

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There is something about some cameras which tend to get people hooked.  They may not make sense, or are even considered luxury items but they have an alluring appeal.  One small subsection of the cameras that do this are folding cameras, often referred to as “folders”, and even more specific a group of medium format models.  They do range from…

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